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Is This The Virtual Reality Future?

12 Feb , 2015   Video

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, River, the new virtual reality (VR) accelerator led by venture capitalist Mike Rothenberg, has announced its first class. Are these startups a sneak peek into the future of VR?

Here are some of the 13 accelerator projects that caught Code Berkeley’s eye:

  • Fove is helping kids who can’t use their hands to play the piano with their eyes, as seen in the video above.

  • Curious what Rome looked like in A.D. 320? DISCOVR gives you a virtual tour.
  • Emblematic Group wants to make immersive journalism a reality. Project Syria is meant to bring the audience “on scene” to the civil war in that country.

  • Solirax brings VR into the classroom using the Oculus Rift headset and Leap Motion sensor. This video taken at the Mendel Grammar School in Opava, Czech Republic, shows students virtually putting together a skeleton.

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