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Is This What Newsweek Thinks of Women in Tech?

6 Feb , 2015  

In the recent Newsweek article about women in Silicon Valley, writer Nina Burleigh shows us the dark side of what some women in technology have faced: few prospects for getting investors, a lack of mentors, a bro culture where sexism is not only rampant but many times accepted. It seems the adage of “boys being boys” is certainly alive and well in this world.

Burleigh tells us of entrepreneur Heidi Rozen’s horrifying experience of a dinner with a PC manufacturer’s senior vice president, a potential investor. Halfway through the meal, the senior vice president placed the woman’s hand in his unzipped pants.

“This really happened,” Rozen told Burleigh.

And Newsweek’s dismaying cover really happened too.


On the cover a larger-than-life black arrow lifts the short red dress of a woman, who, with her laptop in hand, is supposed to represent a woman in Silicon Valley. It’s hard to read the woman’s expression, as the only facial feature we can make out is her red lips, which match her sky-high red stilettos.

But you can certainly read what other people thought of the cover. SFist had a great recap of the reactions, including Oakland-based journalist and illustrator Susie Cagle‘s animated and annoyed animation.

Was this really the best way to illustrate a thoughtful and thought-provoking story about the struggles women face in Silicon Valley? Did upskirting a woman on the cover of a magazine really bring women in tech the respect they deserve?

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