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Stitch Fix

6 Feb , 2015  

Gone are the days of personal styling for only the rich and famous. Thanks to a new start up in San Francisco, Stitch Fix, is giving women around the country the chance to have their very own personal shopper. Combining tech and fashion Katrina Lake, the companies CEO, has found a way to bring fashion to those who have to travel far to get to a mall, busy moms who don’t have time to shop, or those who may be in a fashion rut and would like some help. Signing up for the service is easy. After filling out your basic information you’re taken through a series of photos of different styles that you rate from, ” Love it” to “Hate it.” You name your price point, share some information on how you like your clothes to fit, and pick a day that best fits into your schedule to receive your ‘Fix’.

One of the 1,000 plus stylists working at Stitch Fix will pull together 5 pieces for you to try out in the comfort of your own home. Once at your house you have 3 days to try everything on. If you do not like anything send everything back in your prepaid envelope and pay a $20 styling fee. If you do like something your $20 fee goes towards your purchase.

Stylists rely on the companies algorithm to help them choose pieces for each client. Similar to Netflix, where the site gives recommendations based on what you’ve watched in the past, Stitch Fix’s algorithm works with clients past purchases to help gather the perfect pieces for clients. The more you shop and the more feedback you leave the better your next Fix will be!

Read more about the budding company on BuzzFeed or sign up for your own Fix at

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