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TableAir Rises to Attention

13 Feb , 2015   Video

If Apple CEO Tim Cook is correct that “sitting is the new cancer,” as MarketWatch reported he said at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, you might want to take a look at the TableAir from London-based designer Lukas Lukoševičius. Yes, it costs the princely sum of $2,146 (while the IKEA low-tech version costs nearly 15 times less), but can your standing desk rise to your desired height by pressing a smart button and holding out your hand?

The Eye, Slate’s Design Blog, has a full breakdown of the TableAir’s features, and the company’s video above shows the desk in action, accompanied by some groovy music.

If you find yourself wondering why work while standing, TableAir lists some interesting stats on its list of FAQs:

Too much of anything can kill you. The same is true to sitting. A study reveals that men who sit six hours or more a day have an overall death rate that’s 20 percent higher than men who sit for three hours or less. For women, it’s 40 percent. When you slump in your chair, your calorie-burning slows to a third of the rate compared to standing up. Metabolism drops. As a result, your risk of becoming obese and developing diabetes grows. Nothing you do can cancel out the effects of sitting eight hours a day in the office. Sitting harms you even if you benefit from a gym workout. The antidote, therefore, is to simply sit less.

Those are some sobering thoughts, indeed.

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