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Mobile Devices Will Either Have 3D Sensors by 2018, Or Suffer Flat Sales

10 Sep , 2015  

Code Berkeley

by Cecile Schmollgruber on When Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6” ad campaign covered billboards and posters in 24 cities around the world, it proved two things: The quality of mobile camera technology is astronomical, and mobile device manufacturers badly want you to know about it. Moves like these are smart in a world where 1.8 billion digital […]

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Tech Life

The “Grunt and Point” Interface of the Modern Computer

30 Jan , 2015  

iPad Interface Baby Code Berkeley

A recent episode of the podcast 99% Invisible discussed the interface of the modern computer, specifically that of iPhones and Pads. These products are widely considered to be so simple that babies, toddlers, and people of all ages can use them. However, Christina Englebart, daughter of Douglas Englebart, the creator of the mouse, argues: “When we […]

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